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COMPOTA RESIDENCY, Interactive multidisciplinary performance [jam]
Artistic direction: Paula Pinto
Sentidos Ilimitados®

In this residency we were challenge to make a show in two weeks with a preview theme and concept, having one week to work in the concept, and other one week in reversals, and them presenting the show.

“Compota is creativity and collaboration. The continuous crossing of different artistic disciplines, the collaborative work and the multisensory stimulation for all participants are its main objectives.

Formed in 2004 Compota (the Portuguese word for Jam) constantly strives for new avenues and solutions for improvised composition bringing together performers and creators from different artistic disciplines in research and creation sessions training and shows. The project exists to experiment with the blending of various art forms and stimulate interactions between artists and audiences. Compota links individual growth and society’s intimacy with art, bridging and nourishing people through creative processes.”

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